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Welcome to Enhanced Online Banking
What is Enhanced Online and Mobile Banking?

Rebuilt from the ground up, we will soon be launching a brand new internet and mobile banking experience.  It will bring a fresh, new, user friendly interface, as well as an intuitive experience that helps you take control of your accounts and saving you time.

This page will update regularly with more information. Please keep checking back for updates as we prepare to roll out this new experience!

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Answers for Enhanced Online Banking FAQs

Why is WNB changing its Online Banking platform?

We want to provide our customers with an internet banking platform that is easy to navigate and is user friendly. Bill Pay has been integrated onto the home page along with the opportunity to categorize your transactions and create spending reports, all from the comfort of your home!

Will my old user ID and password work on WNB online?

Your user ID will be the same as with the current system except that it will be in all lower case. For example – If your user ID is JohnDoe55, it will become johndoe55. Your initial password will be the last 4 digits of the user’s SSN. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log into the new system when it is launched. Please take a moment to review the step by step enrollment.

If I use Bill Pay on the old system, will I need to retype all my vendors or recurring payments into the new system?

All of your current Bill Pay information will transfer over to WNB Online. It uses the same vendor (CheckFree) as the old platform.

Will I have Mobile Banking access?

To use Mobile Banking (browser and app) you will be required to enroll in Mobile Banking. You will be prompted during the initial login process. Please follow the prompts to receive the up-to-date browser link and/or application. You will also have to accept the Terms and Conditions.  If you currently utilize the mobile app for your mobile banking needs, there is no need to download a new app!

Will my security questions change, and what can I expect from security on the new system?

The purpose of security questions is to increase security and decrease fraud. For your protection, you will be prompted to answer 3 random security questions with answers that are less likely to be compromised from social media sites or other online outlets. WNB highly recommends not using the same answer for each question. The answers you create for your security questions will not be case sensitive.

Do I have to enroll or sign up to transfer my account information into the new WNB online?

There is nothing you will need to do to get over to the new system.  WNB will be in touch with customers to let them know when to anticipate the switch to the new system. If you are currently enrolled in online banking, your information will transfer automatically and securely.  The only thing you will need to do is follow the instructions on logging in for the first time.  Keep watch of our social media accounts and in-branch signage to keep up to date with our system changes.

What information is available for me if I use Quicken or Quickbooks by Intuit?

Please CLICK HERE to download troubleshooting tips and information if your business uses Quicken or Quickbooks by Intuit.

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