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Small Business Loan

Small Business Loans

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Woodlands National Bank is a SBA Preferred Lender. An earned distinction for us, a fast track for you! Woodlands National bank has seven locations  here in Minnesota and we’ve earned the privileged title of “SBA Preferred Lender” because of our experience in commercial lending. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) only “the most active and expert lenders qualify for the SBA’s streamlined lending programs. Preferred Lenders are chosen from among the SBA’s best lenders.” At Woodlands National Bank, we are honored with this lending distinction!

Sba Preferred Lender
Why should you consider a SBA loan?

While the lender provides the actual loan to the borrower, the SBA guarantees a portion of the loan, acting much like a co-signer. This helps lenders be more comfortable with a loan that they might otherwise not approve, such as a loan for a start-up, or a borrower that has a smaller down payment or less collateral than a bank requires.

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What is an SBA loan and what does it do?

Woodlands National Bank is authorized by the SBA to make lending decisions on their behalf. Loan approvals do not need to go to the SBA for consideration or approval. And, closing and most servicing are handled by Preferred Lenders as well. In other words, we can streamline the entire SBA loan process for you. That means faster approval times.

Small Business Loan
Let us help you grow your business!

The SBA process does have more requirements and paperwork than a standard bank loan, but with our SBA Preferred Lender status, Woodlands National Bank enjoys full delegation of lending authority. We streamline the SBA lending process for you! Come chat with one of our commercial loan officers today!


Before you ask about a SBA loan, ask if your banker is a SBA Preferred Lender!


For more information about SBA visit or view more Woodlands National Bank business services here.

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