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Business Services

We value your business and you deserve a PRIME Package.  Earn interest while enjoying the conveniences of our Cash Management, Remote Deposit, ACH, and Electronic Wire Services!

Small Business Loan

Requirements for Prime Accounts

  • $7.00 monthly service charge*

  • $0.10 per paper withdrawal

  • $0.06 per transit check (deposited items)

*No monthly service charge for Community Prime Account

Prime Checking

  • Interest bearing business checking account!

  • No minimum balance required.

  • Great way to quickly access company resources while earning great interest yields!

  • Paired with a business loan or line of credit, interest yields can increase!

Community Prime Checking

  • Interest bearing business checking account for non-profits organizations!

  • No minimum balance required.

  • Paired with a business loan or line of credit, interest yields can increase.

Earn Interest on Every Dollar in Your

Business Checking Account

  • Cash Management for Secure Transaction Processing

  • Make Deposits Right from your Office with Remote Deposit Capture

  • ACH Services to Debit or Credit Frequent Transactions

  • Streamline your Wire Transfers with our Preferred Online Service

  • Positive Pay and Quick Book Transfers Available with the Click of a Button


*NEW* Prime Line - Available only with Prime Checking


  • Excess funds in Checking Account swept to Reduce your Daily Balance

  • Interest Only Payments Payable monthly on the Day of Your Choice

  • Interest Rate Tied and Adjusts to PRIME Rate

  • Subject to Credit Approval

Success Checking

  • $50.00 opening deposit

  • No minimum balance

  • Limited to 25 deposited items per statement cycle

  • Limited to 25 debits per statement cycle

  • If customer exceeds 25 deposited items there is a fee of .10 per deposited item

  • If customer exceeds 25 withdrawals there is a fee of .15 per debit

  • Statement cycle ends the last day of the month

Cash Management

  • Advanced Internet Banking Services - Create and authorize special internal logon credentials for employees, allowing access only to those features you choose. Our internet banking site allows you to review account histories, review copies of paid checks and transfer money between accounts, all from our encrypted website.

  • Remote Deposit Capture - Remote deposit is a simple and secure method that allows you to deposit checks right from your office. Save time and reduce costs and risks by allowing us to help you turn your PC into a virtual teller.

  • Bill Pay Service - Pay Bills online as part of our free internet banking service.

  • Direct Deposit Service - We will process your NACHA formatted direct deposit payroll file at no extra cost to you.

  • ACH Services - Allows you to initiate ACH deposits and payments through our secure internet banking site. This provides both safety and convenience.

  • Wire Services - Safe and secure means of moving large dollar amounts from bank to bank within the US and Internationally. Wires can be initiated via online or in person.

  • Debit Card - Access your account with the use of a Mastercard debit card. This allows you to access cash at ATMs or to purchase goods and services wherever Mastercard is accepted. The funds are debited automatically from your checking account.

  • Merchant Card Processing - Accept credit and debit cards through your website, retail store or phone center. Direct deposit of funds to your Woodlands National Bank account is fast and convenient. 24 hour customer service help line is available.

  • Positive Pay - An automated check matching program that allows you to monitor checks processed for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur.

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