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Paycheck Protection Program

Forgiveness Center


You will now apply for forgiveness through the SBA PPP Direct Forgiveness portal. The application can be completed in less than 5 minutes by clicking here and following the instructions provided by SBA. 

If you need assistance, please call SBA PPP Direct Forgiveness Customer Service at 877-552-2692 or access the user guide here.



If your loan is over $150,000, you will apply for forgiveness through Woodlands National Bank. To determine if you are eligible to use the shorter Form 3508EZ, open the form below, go to the page 1 of the instructions (page 4 of the PDF). If you can check one of the two boxes on this page, you can use Form 3508EZ. If not, you must use Form 3508.

The forgiveness application and supporting documents can be submitted securely at the link below.

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