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Personal Checking

Learn Money Management Techniques With Your Own Personal Checking Account and Prepaid Debit Cards

Using cash for all transactions is a good way to avoid spending more money than you have. However, many companies require checks or credit cards for payments, especially over the phone or online. With your own personal checking account, you can free yourself from cash-only payments.

With a checking account, you have the option of asking your employer to directly deposit your paycheck. This saves you a trip to a bank or check-cashing service. As soon as the transaction completes, you have money to spend.

For those who want to control their spending, a personal checking account offers a better alternative to credit cards. You write checks for only the money that you have in the account. By learning to use your income as a way to keep your spending in check, you become more financially responsible.

With a variety of personal checking account options for all lifestyles and spending habits, you can find the right one for you at Woodlands National Bank.

Another way to learn money management techniques is through using prepaid debit cards. Unlike credit cards, you pay first to put money onto the card. Because your payment on the card happened before you could use it, you will never spend money that you don't have. If surprise credit card bills have been a problem before, consider a debit card.

Prepaid debit cards are a better option for travel than cash because you register the card to recover lost funds if it disappears. Since the card does not connect to your bank account, you don't have to worry about exposing your checking or savings assets if you lose your debit card.

With online spending tracking and the ability to use the card at any location that accepts Debit MasterCard, you have a safer spending option in your pocket. Talk to us at Woodlands National Bank about how to get prepaid debit cards for gifts, travel, or personal use.

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