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Small Business Loan

A Message from Woodlands National Bank 

Regarding COVID-19

Doing Our Part for the Public Health Response to COVID-19:

Woodlands National Bank is dedicated to the health and safety of our community, and we want to do our part to support the local and global initiatives related to limiting the spread of COVID-19. 


For this reason, we are now offering in-person appointments at each of our locations, by appointment only. To meet with one of our customer representatives, please click to schedule an appointment, and if you are looking to begin the loan application process, please click below to begin the loan process: 


Banking may still be done by way of our drive-through (no change to hours), online banking, or by phone on your mobile app. If you need to access your safe deposit box or are a business that needs a change order, please contact your local branch and we will make arrangements to accommodate your needs.
Our staff will continue to follow CDC-recommended health code standards when it comes to:
•    Washing hands frequently during the workday
•    Keeping surfaces of our facilities sanitized
•    Staying home from work when they’re experiencing symptoms of any illness


We will keep you informed of other updates as they arise. In the meantime, please know we are doing all we can to contribute to reinstating public health. 
Thank you for allowing us to be your banking partner!
—Your Friends at Woodlands National Bank


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