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Consumer Account

Find a Partner to Provide a Consumer Account to Each of Your Customers and Cash Management Services to Run Your Business

Never shut out customers from your business. If your customers don't have cash on hand but can pay later, consider offering store credit cards as a solution. Each card ties to a consumer account, operated by a bank. With the card and account, anyone visiting your business can still shop without having cash to pay. Using the card also gives each customer the ability to build up their credit while patronizing your store.

The first step toward offering individual credit and accounts is finding a banking partner who can help with the task. Among the many business services that we offer at Woodlands National Bank is the ability to offer each of your customers a consumer account.

Make your business stand out from others in the area by giving your customers back the chance to build credit whenever they shop with your store credit card. It's only possible with a banking partner like us at Woodlands National Bank.

In addition to individual accounts for your store, we also provide businesses like yours with cash management services. You can extend these services to your customers or employees. For customer service, consider our merchant card processing. With this option, you can start accepting credit cards at your physical store locations and online. Few consumers carry cash today. By letting buyers use credit cards for payment, you reduce the chances that you must turn down a sale for a customer's inability to pay with cash or check.

Other cash management services we provide make running your business easier. For instance, we provide online banking services that let you deposit checks remotely, directly deposit your workers' pay, and pay your bills to vendors or service providers online.

Integrating our multiple business services into your company's operations will allow you to offer accounts to your customers who need credit and make running your business simpler. Partner with us at Woodlands National Bank for these business services and more.

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