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Find Cash to Help Others or When You Need Help With Our Non-Profit Account or COVID Disaster Assistance Options

Non profit accounts allow charitable organizations to handle funds securely while increasing in value. For non profit organizations only, we offer a Community Prime Account. This business checking account accrues interest and does not require a minimum balance nor does it have a monthly service fee.

The Community Prime Account alone earns 0.30% APY. However, when combined with either a business loan or a prime line of credit, the interest rate increases to 0.50% and 0.60% APY, respectively.

We understand how difficult running a business can be, especially a non profit one. We want to support the efforts of our local charities by making their work in raising funds easier. Our interest-bearing non profit account is one way that we give back to our community at Woodlands National Bank. Ask us for more information on our business services for non profit organizations and how much your group can save by banking with us.

While our bank serves our community by offering interest-bearing accounts to charities, we also want to help out businesses that have lost money to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession.

As a preferred lender of the Small Business Administration (SBA), we at Woodlands National Bank are prepared to help those who need to file for COVID disaster assistance.

The SBA guarantees the loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help small businesses to keep workers on their payrolls through the economic downturn. We will partner with you to get you the loan your business needs to stay afloat and keep your employees paid. You can also go through our website to resubmit forms and calculations for the SBA's PPP loan forgiveness program. Contact us at Woodlands National Bank for more information about submitting your loan documents to apply for the PPP or other SBA loans for COVID disaster assistance.

We're here to support our community by helping nonprofits and small businesses in good times and tough ones.

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