Savings Options

   Regular Savings Money Market Educational Savings  Certificates of Deposits
Description Great basic account! Interest Bearing Great college savings  
Required Initial Deposit $50.00 $2500.00 $25.00 $1000.00
Minimum Balance $50.00 $2500.00 $25.00 $1000.00
Withdrawals 6 allowed per month. Unlimited in person transfers Unlimited $5.00 fee unless it meets requirements Maturities from 6-60 months; can renew automatically
Interest Variable Rate Tiered & variable. No interest paid if it falls below $2500.00 Variable Fixed rates; Compounding semi-annually
Monthly Charges $1.00 per month if below minimum $5.00 per month if below minimum $25.00 fee if closed prior to age 18 None. Penalty may apply for early withdrawal