Online Banking

Q: What is the cost for Online Banking?
A: Online Banking is FREE!

Q: How do I start using Online Banking?
A: You can start by going to our online enrollment page here. If you are a business owner read about advance online business services.

Q: Why do I have an image and phrase when I login to Online Banking?
A: For security. The image and phrase are assigned to your user account. This is part of the multi-factor authentication process for logins. If you do not see the correct image or phrase when you login you should not continue. Contact Woodlands National Bank.

Q: Why am I asked a total of five security questions during enrollment?
A: The first three questions are part of the multi-factor authentication. Anytime you login from a new PC or delete “Temporary Internet Files” from your browser it will ask one of these three security questions. When you login you will also have the option to register the PC. When you register a PC you will not be prompted with a security question again until you delete “Temporary Internet Files” from your browser. The next two questions are for password resets. You will be prompted with these questions before a temporary password is sent to you. Tip: For the more security, answer security questions with random or pattern answers. (Something that cannot be easily looked up or guessed)  

Q: What if I forget my password or have trouble logging in?
A: When you first log into Online Banking go to “Services -> Change Info” to update or review your email address. Do this anytime your email address changes. By keeping this up-to-date you are able to use the “Forgot Password” feature. Select this and a temporary password will be emailed to you.  If you have tried to login multiple times you may be locked out. For security reasons a locked out account is not displayed.  Please contact a Customer Service Representative if you think you may be locked out.

Q: My login page is still not working correctly?
A: Try deleting “Temporary Internet Files” (Cache) from your browser. You will have to know what browser you are currently using and how to delete. Typically a “Help” menu will have information about the browser and a search engine will help you find directions on how to perform the delete task for the browser.

Q: How often is my account information updated?
A: Online Banking is updated as soon you make a deposit, withdrawal or payment. (Could be a ten minute delay at times)

Q: Can other members of my household view my account information?
A: If you share your Login ID and Password. (NOT RECOMMENDED) Whoever is on the account could have a separate login ID and password. (Primary account holders only have access to e-Statements) If you believe someone else is accessing your account illegally, immediately contact a Customer Service Representative at any location.

Q: What if all my accounts are not displayed on my account list?
A: In order to view accounts online, you have to be on the account. You may also want to review “Accounts” and “Selection” on the left hand menu within Online Banking.  Accounts could be checked for “Don’t View”.